Stag Lane – After School Gymnastics Club


Club: After School Gymnastics Club
Location: Stag Lane Primary
Duration: 13 Weeks
Days: Wednesday 13th September – Wednesday 13th December 2023
Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Price: £85

Bookings have now reopened on first come first serve basis. Spaces are very limited.


Please Register to our website to earn points and receive £20 discount for every £200 pounds spent.

Add Football on Mondays for £80 (£10 OFF)
Add Cricket on Tuesdays  for £70 (£10 OFF)

At this GYMNASTICS CLUB we will aim to:
– Provide the children with a fun and creative environment to stay healthy.
– Teach a range of gymnastics skills (ie rolling, climbing, jumping etc)
– Develop a good understanding of sequencing and performing routines.